Saturday, 2 November 2013

Sheila Barrow's pictures

Painted and embroidered by Sheila Barrow
Painted and embroidered by Sheila Barrow
View of the rolling South Downs by Sheila Barrow

Artist Sheila Barrow and her husband went on a long walk over the South Downs. They walked every one of the 100 miles of the South Downs Way taking it in stages, weekend by weekend and as Sheila walked, she sketched.

 The South Downs Way is a path which runs between Winchester in Hampshire and Eastbourne in East Sussex. There are pubs and bed and breakfast stops en route. If you walk it every weekend over the course of a year you witness the changing seasons and their effect on the landscape as Sheila has done.

These painted and embroidered pictures are framed in white painted wood. Which one would you choose? Or would you prefer to have all three? They are in Handmade Happiness now but I have a feeling they will sell today, Saturday. Like Kate Box's soft wrist warmers which sold out immediately I think these pictures are irresistible and yes, if I had the money I would buy them myself!!

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