Wednesday, 20 November 2013

New in Handmade Happiness

Kate Hackett's small size mugs £12 each.
Clare and Rebecca Lund's wood nativity decoration/puzzle £10 on a Kate Hackett cake stand.
 Yesterday morning the first person in the shop bought Ruth Ellacott's rag rug. I had only just collected it from her so it was on display for less than half an hour. So sorry but no picture of that!
It was good to put out Kate Hackett's popular small mugs and what do you think of these new wood decorations? I like the way you can push the pieces out slightly to achieve a 3D look. Clare and Rebecca Lund also make attractive trees in the same way which HH also stocks.

The postman brought two parcels. Juliette Orton's layered fabric star decorations which detach from Christmas cards and Natasha Rothschild's new style reindeer. Natasha makes wonderful knitted reindeer decorations that everyone loves and this year she has come up with a new look red velvet reindeer I really like.

Pam Dew visited with red patchwork tree decorations decorated with her own ceramic buttons. Pam makes marvellous quilts and applique cushions. She is also a very competant potter. It's a joy to see the work of so many artistic, creative people!!

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