Sunday, 4 November 2012

A longing for fruit

Is it something about this time of year? This longing for fruit to stock up the body for the winter months ahead and ward off colds? Or is it also to do with the rich colours and sweetness of fruit that manmade things can only struggle to imitate.

  I hate to see things artificially coloured like blue icing or red cake. Better to use blackberries or beetroot to produce these strong colours in food. Better to always use the best quality ingredients we can to produce the best results whether  making food or  making gifts.

Yesterday someone who makes the most beautiful things came into the shop. I have wanted to stock Sheila Barrow's work since the shop opened. And yesterday she came in and she loved the shop. So now I have her embroidered silk velvet bags, embellished note books and machine embroidered pictures in the shop to offer to my customers. The best quality ingredients...! Pictures soon.

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