Friday, 2 November 2012

Warm and bright

Handmade Happiness last night.
Did you know that this building is 300 years old? My shop only occupies a part of it but once upon a time the building was a coaching inn called The Green Dragon, a stopping off point for horses between London and Portsmouth. Hence the street name - Dragon Street. The stone step is worn away by hundreds of feet over hundreds of years. 

The good thing about the cold, dark weather yesterday is that for once I could take a picture of the shop without it being a picture of the reflection of the building opposite! It was cosy inside with the mobile radiator pumping out warmth. The fig candle giving everywhere a warm sensuous smell and every light and lamp blazing away.

Yesterday was Day Two of being without a phone line and therefore credit card machine. I thought at first that Bt had accidentally pulled out my line at the junction box. But apparently the wire was broken somewhere underground. It happened late afternoon Tuesday. Wednesday morning early Bt told me it would be mended by 6.00pm Thursday night. So it's mended now right? Wrong it's still not been fixed. I'll keep you updated!


Anonymous said...

I love how Dickensian the shop looks from the outside! It looks very inviting! xx

Amy said...

Looks lovely Mum and makes me feel very excited about all things Christmassy! Amy xx