Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Decorations inside the stores

Stars in Selfridges
Christmas decorations for sale inside Fortnum and Masons
Looking down the staircase inside Fortnums. (I didn't notice the fork at the time!)
The ceiling roses at Fortnums. Just beautiful.
Tins of biscuits at Fortnum and Mason.
 This is the time of year when you have permission to look, to really look at things. When you're out Christmas shopping you get tempted to buy things for yourself. I see this in Handmade Happiness a lot. 'I don't know if my sister would like it but I'd really like it for myself!' It's fun to take time to look and appreciate all the cornucopia of nice gifts out there.

I feel so lucky to have London just an hour's train ride away.  To wander the shops and just absorb all the loveliness to take back to Handmade Happiness to help it get better and better!

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