Friday, 16 November 2012

Bits and pieces

Fairy, royalty, fashion model. You decide.

Stocking knitted by me with Natasha Rothschild  reindeer .
Lindsey Agostinelli bear in one of my stockings.
Fab socks knitted by Rita Stamp.
Yesterday Jenny Shutler brought in lots more lovely cutlery jewellery which will delight all those customers who have been waiting... This morning Kate Hackett is popping over with more of her popular ceramics - plates, jugs, mugs and lots of Christmas decorations.

The shop is fuller than ever. So much to admire. I've bought snacks for tonight and bottles of non-alcoholic punch  thinking that then children can have some too.

 This time last year my lovely daughter joined me and she went into the square, verbally lasso-ing  dozens of people who followed her back to the shop! Tonight, as every night this month she's appearing in a play. Which is probably a much better use of her talents but I'll be thinking of her...
Don't forget, Petersfield readers: 6-8 at Handmade Happiness tonight!
 Wild Damson - must take a picture of their window it's spectacular and well worth the walk round to Dragon Street - and Tara Interiors, my shop neighbours, will also be offering their customers refreshments and a warm welcome tonight.  


Anonymous said...

I've been told that comments people are leaving aren't appearing on the blog so this is a test.

Anonymous said...

Love the socks/stockings! Beautiful colours! Would make gorgeous scarves as well! xxx Sophie