Sunday, 25 November 2012

Seen at Fenwicks

What a nice new baby gift. I like the cushion behind them too.
My first fairy?
The softest little slippers, mittens and hats by Samantha Holmes.
When in London I like to look for nice gift wrapping paper. I rarely find anything I like and this year the selection of Christmas gift wrap has been particularly dull I think. So while looking at stationery (behind the escalator in the picture above) we happened upon the gorgeous baby things in the pictures above.

When I am a granny I will want the adored baby to have lovely things. I kidded my daughter that when that time happens I may have to re-mortgage my house as I will love choosing and  buying gifts like these!!  For handknit inspiration for babies do look at the pictures on the blog Posie gets cosy.Such nice baby clothes! 

Congratulations to Ruby and family on the birth of baby Mickey.

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