Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Sheila Barrow

Machine embroidered silk velvet bags by Sheila Barrow.
 Embroidered landscape by Sheila Barrow
 As promised here are photos of silk velvet bags made by Sheila Barrow and one of her wonderful machine embroidered pictures. All on sale now in Handmade Happiness

I've added a couple of lovely blogs recently to the 'Nice to Look At' list. When you've got time do have a look. Both 'Pozie gets Cosy' and 'bleubird' are very special blogs I'll be following from now on. I think you'll like them too.


Chrissy said...

Love, love, love the bags...how much are they? Do they come in any other colours?

jenny said...

Hi Chrissy. Writing this at home so I can't check the price tags but I think they're all £38. I have one more that's yellow and orange with a flower on it. Just say if you want anything put aside until you next come in...Btw I'm not in the shop personally this coming Saturday or tomorrow but it will be open.