Thursday, 29 November 2012

Window decorating

Looking in to Handmade Happiness at night.
A less blurry picture taken before the white tree was installed.
 The shop's mobile radiator was going at full blast yesterday. What a cold day! It looks like I was shivering when I took the top picture! 
Keep warm and enjoy your day!


Dave said...

I am pleased that you have continued to write your little missives. Yes, you were well wrapped up when I called in yesterday. Love your pics, Handmade Happiness is dressed for Christmas - beautiful! Your little shop is a celebration of all the talented people who live in the area.


Kate said...

I was in Petersfield on Sunday so decided to come by and take a peek through your shop window. I wasn't disappointed, it looks great! Cosy and inviting and beautifully dressed, as all the best shop windows are this year!

Amy said...

Looks lovely! Look forward to my next visit! XXXX