Thursday, 22 November 2012

Jacqui Watkins cards

Atmospheric lino cut Christmas cards by Jacqui Watkins.
Two more card designs by Jacqui Watkins. 
 Handmade Happiness is pleased to stock these cards. They are made with thick card stock giving a luxury feel; blank inside. Lots of other designs and colourways available in store. £2.50 each.

Today I want to share these cards with you. In later posts I'll continue showing the many photos I took in London. 

Will you be sending out Christmas cards this year? Is it a generational thing? My kids don't send cards whereas my mother receives literally hundreds. I love hearing the plop of a hand-written card through the letter box. It's personal and heart-warming and beats greetings received by  text/email/face-book hands down. Agree or disagree or maybe no comment?!!  


Chrissy said...

I am a nightmare - I love to receive cards and I do send them although when recently looking through the Christmas decorations I discovered all of last year's cards, neatly addressed but clearly not sent!!!

jenny said...

Never mind, Chrissy. Assuming none of them reads this blog you can send them all this year!