Saturday, 10 November 2012

Snow scenes by Sheila

This little picture by Sheila Barrow sits on one of the popular vintage scrap packs by Penny Baker. 
This covered notebook by Sheila Barrow is about as perfect as it gets! £26
 Handmade Happiness currently has four covered notebooks by Sheila Barrow and I love them! The paper inside is thick and could be painted on or glued on or just journaled(is there such a word?) on.

Isn't finding nice presents for men difficult? I think so. I mean how many pairs of socks/shirts/ties does a man want? So with this in mind I'm selling some rather nice fountain pens and biros encased in various English woods made by Ron Caddy from Andover. They arrived yesterday as did several pairs of great socks knitted by Rita Stamp who is a most excellent knitter. Rita's going to knit some fingerless gloves and woolly hats now. Can't wait to see them! Pics will follow!
Enjoy your weekend. 

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Anonymous said...

They are really beautiful! Clearly lots of new lovely things will be tempting me in HH! x