Saturday, 3 November 2012

Knitting soothes anger with BT

Lindt chocolate teddies peek from Father Christmas hat tree decoration by Jenny Stacy
Father Christmas hat tree decorations by Jenny Stacy £3 each or £3.50 with teddy.

Yesterday, Friday I had no phone and no card machine again for the third day running. This after BT promised the problem would be fixed by 6pm on Thursday. Apparently a wire has broken underground and it needs a special  BT Open Reach engineer to fix it.

 We all knew this early Thursday morning. So why couldn't it be fixed during the day on Thursday? No, the earliest we can fix your line is by close of business on Monday.  At this news I thought I might burst a blood vessel.

 Friday and Saturday are my busiest days, the days when I need my card machine the  most.  
I rang BT from the shop next door. They rang me back. I rang them back. Every time you speak to a different person. Every time the person you speak to takes no responsibility for your problem. You feel you don't matter to them and after Googling BT complaints I realise that there are many others who are feeling just as frustrated with BT as I am. 

So what do I do if on Monday night they have still not mended my line... It seems BT have a monopoly on these underground cables and we are obliged to wait while they fix things in their own good time...

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