Monday, 30 April 2012

Yay! Sunshine!

It is so good to see bright skies this morning. Energising...

No, I haven't just picked these flowers from my garden, it's an old photograph.
 I checked the sweetpeas I planted a couple of weeks ago and they've been nibbled away to virtual nothingness by slugs. 
I try not to kill anything so I have to live amicably with garden pests!
 Luckily I had so many baby sweetpeas that I only planted out half and can now put out the ones I kept indoors as replacements.

 I wonder if it is warm enough to eat breakfast in the garden? I'll try!


Fibre frenzi said...

You might be pushing your luck....breakfast outside????????

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, Jenny. It's a little splash of beauty and joy every single morning and I'm so pleased that you've found a way to make it all work out. My sweet peas are also all eaten and scrawny as well, but I don't have any reserves so will buy a pot from the nursery. I spotted this yesterday, which made me think of your recent post.

I'm driving to Glastonbury in a few weeks time and may drop into the shop en route. Best wishes. Anna (Mills)

Anonymous said...

I just planted my sweetpea seedlings yesterday. I still have more which I think I'll put in a pot.
Having free-ranging hens helps with all the snails and other bugs. But at the same time areas have to be protected so the hens don't destroy the plants. This year they have eaten almost every foxglove - which were all volunteers and quite spectacular under the redwoods.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey says: I'm just in from sorting out the dogs. Bit cold for breakfast al fresco just yet!

jenny said...

What a lovely surprise to find these comments! Thank you Alison, Anna and Hazel.
Anna it would be lovely to see you if you can drop by the shop on your way to Glastonbury.I checked out the picture of Boston Verticale in Milan - wow!x