Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Finger dolls

In my quest to make as simple a doll as possible I made this 'finger doll'  in the shop yesterday.
I started by just drawing round my longest finger for a pattern and then pulled out some pretty scraps to sew together. I'm not happy with the hair. Any alternative hair suggestions? Or hat suggestions? And I won't be sewing a ribbon round the neck of future dolls.

My shop neighbour, Tara, thinks it's hilarious. I pretended to be crushed - that I'd been making one for her birthday!! Not really of course. But with friends like Tara I will never take myself too seriously. But I have faith in this doll, that's why last night I cut out eight more in different fabrics to sew up today!


joanie said...

Hi Jenny, I love your little doll. I have one very similar in size and shape made for me by a friend in France. She sent it to me as a type of "worry doll" like the tiny type you find from South America.
I could see them as a little set packaged in decorated matchboxes.
I'm glad you've cut more out to make, this one made me smile!

jenny said...

Great! Thanks Joanie. Hope the move is going well.