Monday, 2 April 2012

Finding special things -part 1

I sometimes wonder whether charity shops keep special things by for regular customers or dealers? So often nowadays I walk into a charity shop and have a feeling that much of the good stuff has been skimmed off. Or maybe people are just not giving lovely things to charity shops any longer. Maybe they sell on ebay instead? Or maybe I'm just getting more fussy in my old age!

I've had the items in the picture for many years. The plate came with a cup and saucer to match and the cup has a matching saucer. Two charity shop finds from years ago. My star find, as friends will know, was a genuine Mulberry handbag for just £3.25. And also worth a mention was the carrier bag of Rowan cotton yarn (new) in a pale linen colour for £2 the lot. I love hearing about and being shown what real bargains people have found on their travels. It all comes from having 'champagne taste but beer money'!! 

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jenny said...

Someone I know who manages a charity shop just gave me her reaction to this post.
She says that tv programmes encourage people not to just give things straight to charity shops but to try selling them first. She feels that charity shops now have to compete with e-bay and car boot sales. She says that is what affects the quality of the stock they get given.