Sunday, 1 April 2012

Positive thinking

Magnolia tree
Happy April everyone!

Early morning is my best time for positive thinking. Especially that little window of time between waking and getting up when all things seem possible.That is my planning time. Planning what shall be achieved that day. Yes, I'll spring clean the whole house, including the windows; take all the garden sacks to the tip and catch up on the paperwork for the shop.I'll also go for a long walk in the countryside and oh yes, I'd better open the shop for a few  hours at least because even though it's Sunday it's Farmers' Market day and there will be lots of people about.
The reality of course is not quite that labour intensive. One day I'll own a little robot and early in the morning I will programme it to achieve all those things I've just written down. While it works I will probably be buried under a pile of Sunday papers stretched out on the sofa!

Hmm dreams and reality never quite match up do they? But yesterday one dream came true:
My good friend Penny spotted a free standing revolving card stand outside a shop and asked the price.It was £10. Did I want it? Penny then paid for it, put it in the back of her car and drove over to the shop with it even though she was many miles away from Petersfield. 
This wonderful card stand is made of wood with perspex pockets for the cards. It is much better quality than I ever thought I'd possess. And the online price of a new, much less attractive stand is £146. So aren't I lucky? Lucky I mean to have  kind and generous friends like Penny!

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