Monday, 16 April 2012

Working in the garden

Yesterday afternoon I got outside and planted out  sweetpeas and violas.The top picture shows my wedding shrub (not sure what it's proper name is). I always imagine a wedding couple standing inside it's arch. And the lowest picture shows my best raspberry cane. I have five or six but the others aren't as advanced as this one.
 Sweetpeas are my favourite flower because of the heavenly scent and pretty variations in flower colours. It's lovely to be able to have bunches in the house (and at work) throughout the summer. The variety I like best is called Jazz and pretty much all the colours are in this mix.

Talking of Jazz, did you see The Voice on BBC1 on Saturday night? The very last singer was called Jazz and he totally brought the house down with his superb singing. Do you agree that this programme where contestants are judged solely on their singing ability because the judges can't see them is superior to other talent show tv programmes which can be quite cruel to the contestants?

I'm having a day in London with daughter one today. I'm planning to take lots of photos of our favourite places and new discoveries to show you tomorrow.


Fibre frenzi said...

Yes, I agree and think The Voice is good. Have a great day in London and love to Amy x

jenny said...

Susan emailed to say the shrub I mentioned is actually called The Bride! Thanks for the info Susan.x