Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Wow! Factor

Catherine O'Leary made this from merino wool and silk. Photographed in 500 Felt Objects published by Lark Crafts.
The clever 'feltrigami' bag by Agostina Zwilling pictured above is in the same book.Photo by Marco Bravi.
 On the right are felt badges by Joanne Haywood. Photo by Alan Parkinson.
I love  these merino wool and silk pieces by Christine Birkle for Hut Up. You can imagine a bride wearing them.

So yesterday it rained non-stop but I still went to Hobbycraft at Havant where I found this most amazing book. 500 Felt Objects shows you what artists can do with the versatile medium that is felt.
Usually I gather up a pile of books, flick through them and put them back on the shelf. But this is one I could not put back. It has the Wow! factor in spades. I've only looked at the first few pages. I might have to share pictures of the felt furniture and hangings when I get to those sections. Thoroughly recommended.

Lucky finds in Havant charity shops yesterday were an old linen sheet for £1.99 and a long string of knotted beads for £2 which I'm pretty sure are jade.
The builder did an excellent job yesterday. He taped himself in to the back room, knocked the plaster off the wall and created no dust in the shop area whatsoever. Impressive. He's back in this morning at 8.30am to finish off. So I'd better hurry up and get ready for work! 


Fibre frenzi said...

Now that's what I call felt art! Think I'd better get the book x

jenny said...

Hi Alison, I think you would LOVE this book,500 Felt Objects. £16.99 from Hobbycraft, probably cheaper from Amazon. Really inspirational. Do you like the new pics I posted today? (Wednesday). Good luck with your little dog. Hope she's better soon.x