Friday, 20 April 2012

Six months of Handmade Happiness

On the right is the wonderful card stand Penny found for the shop. 
A close up of Christine Burgess's wonderful wood boards.

Handmade Happiness has been open for six months.

 Every day I'm learning more about retail. For example yesterday one of the customers turned out to be the Area Manager for Cancer Research shops. Her job is to inspect the shops in her area. She taught me about positioning things to give them the best chance of selling. Yes, some of it is common sense but some things it takes years of experience to work out for yourself.  I'm grateful for her tips.

Also yesterday someone came in to 'pick my brains'. She is thinking about setting up a similar shop elsewhere. It was good to pass on to her what I have learned. Especially ways  she can save money.

I'm doing a six month review. I've got so much more stock than when I started. Every week more people come in with things they have made.  I'm changing everything round. Why not come in and see the difference?

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Amy said...

Congratulations!!!! You should be very proud of yourself Mum! XXXX