Tuesday, 3 April 2012

French soap labels

Aren't these beautiful? 
I was once able to buy gift wrap with soap labels on. I think it must have been when we lived in Paris. Certainly the top label came from Paris. It is on a box with a gorgeous smelling soap (of apples and cinnamon) inside which has the carved face of  'His Majesty Nicholas II' on it. I think I bought it in a shop whose name translates into Womens' Happiness.

Thinking about that shop and the traditional toy shop next to it called 'Pain d'Epice' reminds me of the many hours I spent wandering the streets of Paris constantly surprised by the beauty of the shops. Is there anywhere better for window shopping or as the French call it 'licking windows'? Looking into gorgeous shop windows is certainly one of the many things that bring this woman happiness!

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Amy said...

Loving the blog background- all looking very pretty!!! xxxx