Saturday, 24 December 2011

Alone again!

For the second time his mate has been sold and flown off to a new life without him!
Gayle Bicknell's handmade bird gazes forlornly out at the traffic hoping for a glimpse of either of his former partners!  

Alone at Christmas. What must that be like?
We, who have families, are so lucky. The Christmas coming together reminds us that we are part of a group. We may not always get on with everyone in that group but they are our clan, our kith and kin and we are lucky.

Do you know anyone who will be alone this Christmas? For them Christmas must be an ordeal when everything closes down so there are fewer distractions than usual. If you haven't already done so why not invite one of those people round for a drink? To raise a glass of Christmas spirit.

I bet you are all groaning now. But those are my thoughts at not quite 6am on Christmas Eve!!


The life of a textiles teacher said...

Oh shame - well tell him he is not alone in being alone - there is a lovely little lilac bird who is a bit lonely in Worldham as all his mates have also found new homes.... maybe they can get together in the new year! Have a lovely Christmas jenny, G XXX

Anonymous said...

Hope your Christmas was a happy one.
Much love to you and Tim,Amy and Sophie.
My poor Dad is alone this Christmas and failing.
Thank-you to your three lovely children for all their kindness to him.
I look at your blog everyday Jenny. Thank-you for that.
All my love Hazel.