Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Following the herd

These reindeer were brought in by basket maker Judith Needham.

Occasionally I meet someone who does their Christmas shopping throughout the year. By around October they've brought all the gifts they need and can sit back smugly in December watching the rest of us buzzing around getting increasingly stressed the nearer the 'Big Day' gets.

Right now it feels like gathering up handfuls of cash snowball style and lobbing them at shops. Today the Christmas spirit has deserted me. So much to do, so little time. I'd rather be sitting in the sanctuary of my little shop, far from the Christmas madness of the crowds of shoppers getting increasingly manic as they can't find the things they want as all the decent stuff has sold out...

But today daughter will man the shop allowing me to join the fray and get the rest of the shopping done. Today I'll be 'following the herd' round the shops in Horsham but still wishing Christmas was only once every five years....  

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jenny said...

My daughter has reminded me that this blog is called Handmade HAPPINESS! People might want to be uplifted.
So sorry these thoughts are Scrooge-like I will try to do better in future!!