Monday, 19 December 2011

Buttons and singing

Handmade buttons at the shop. £1 each. Machine washable.

Yesterday The Choir Company sang in the Square in Petersfield at lunchtime. There was also a funfair in the square - this year's alternative entertainment to the usual ice skating. Funfair organisers kindly turned off their music for half an hour so we could do our thing.

We sang three part harmonies to Something Inside So Strong;  Rhythmn of Life; Walking on Sunshine;  A Medley from les Miserables; Stand by Me; Don't stop believing; Somewhere over the Rainbow (my favourite); Silent Night and various American Christmas tunes. There are around 60 of us so it sounds pretty good. Gerard Butler, our brilliant musical director, says:'Sing loud. I don't care if it's wrong as long as it's loud.' And that's what we do.

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