Friday, 16 December 2011

Inside the shop

Wilemien Stevens' cards, Kate Hackett decoration, toast rack and mug.
Jenny Stacy bracelets.
Scarves by Valerie Benson and Michelle Green.

Are you sending out and receiving as many Christmas cards as you used to?
I think this is something people are definitely cutting back on this year. I notice in the shop that people buy a few good cards for their nearest and dearest but maybe aren't sending out to everyone in their address book.

My kids don't send out cards at all and neither do their friends. It's a generation thing. My mother always receives hundreds from everyone she's ever made contact with. I'm in the middle. I want cards I send out to be special but can't find time to handmake them this year. So readers please accept this virtual greeting from me:

Happy Christmas dear friends;
May you prosper and be happy
now and in the New Year - 2012.

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