Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Making Felt

An order for my embroidered tree decorations prompted an early morning felt making session. I use wool tops on my draining board. I know other felt makers use bubble wrap/ bamboo blinds/plastic bags/pure olive oil soap etc. but I like to keep it simple. Wool tops and whatever soap is to hand. Fairy washing up liquid does a good job.
So in the middle picture I've pulled out three layers of wool tops, drizzled on washing up liquid and drenched with hot water then rubbed the wool against the ridges on the draining board to felt. A few rinses and finally I like to use this old wash board I was given by my friend Jane to finish off the felting process.
Now I can cut the felt to shape and, once dry, embroider and finish with ribbon.

I would like to have felt making sessions in the shop. I am wondering if you can felt within a zip lock plastic bag ie. damp the wool tops with soapy water, maybe include a sheet of bubble wrap, and manipulate the felt within the bag. This would be more practical in the shop with minimal mess. Anybody know anything about this?
This morning my neighbour Wanda will be in the shop. I'll return this afternoon. 

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