Tuesday, 28 April 2020

What are you doing in lockdown?

I've painted and decorated cotton reels to use as beads
I'm challenging myself to produce a painting a day
Inspired by Grayson's Art Club on tv I drew some faces today
I'm enjoying nature on my permitted one hour walk a day

How are you doing?

 Most people reading this live in the States. Hundreds read this but I don't know who you are or what you are going through. I'd like to know. 

Here in England I am on Day 37 of lockdown. I am alone and my kids don't live nearby. Luckily, thanks to Face Time/ WhatsApp video and Zoom we see each other on the screen daily. But I do miss face to face meetings with family and friends. Is it the same for you?

 I do not want to get ill so I keep to social distancing (at least 2 metres or over 6 feet) away from everyone I see when out for a daily walk. I am lucky that I live in an area of "Outstanding Natural Beauty" so there are nice walks nearby.
I try to walk at 1pm when most people are indoors having their lunch. Otherwise it can get uncomfortably crowded.

Do you have enough to eat? Getting food in can be difficult. I go early in the morning ie 7am to one shop for the week's shopping. When this is all over it will be nice to be able to buy wholemeal flour, risotto rice, eggs and pasta again. I find I spend more time preparing meals and baking than I used to. Do you?

I like to be creative. A friend is producing a painting a day for 100 days. I doubt I'll go on for that long but I do find painting (or drawing) therapeutic. 
I don't know if you can watch this online or on "Catch Up" but Grayson Perry has a new series called Grayson's Art Club which inspires you to do art. Highly recommend that. 

I wonder how your routine has changed because of the pandemic? I rely on Joe Wick's exercise routines on Utube to keep fit.  
Maybe you have small children and a partner at home. Maybe you are working from home and bringing up children at the same time. That must be so difficult.
We don't know how long this is going to go on for. We must try to stay positive and cheerful, for our own sakes and for our families.

I hope you are well, physically and mentally. I hope you have fun sometimes and that your family bring you joy.

My two year old grandson told me he was coming to get me to take me to his house . He sat on his plastic pedal car and zoomed towards the front door. He only lives about 200 miles away. And sorry but there's no passenger seat. I'd have to curl up in the space under his lift up driver's seat. But I love the idea sweet boy!!

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