Sunday, 24 February 2019

Just buy a card!

The latest knitted boy!
A girl with pig tails! Knitted by Jenny Stacy

As a shop keeper struggling to find the rent each month I am getting increasingly frustrated with the 'We're just looking' brigade! Before I had a shop I am sure I used to go into pretty shops to look around and often leave empty handed. But from the other side of the counter every sale, however small, counts towards all the overheads a shop has to pay every month regardless of how much (or little) money has been taken!!

If everyone who came through the door bought just one card ( and the starting price for a card in Handmade Happiness is just £1.95) it would make a difference.

Ironically it is just those people who love the shop the most and tell me how beautiful/ special/ 'I could buy it all' it is, that don't spend. The quiet, purposeful customer who knows exactly what she wants and buys it or the hurrying men who have to get something but want to be out of the door as quickly as possible are the ones who contribute to paying the rent.

In these Brexit-anxious days most people are trying not to spend. But please, we all need cards. Buy one now for when you need it. HH has a great selection.

And to those enthusiastic people who love to come in and be inspired but never buy, you may find that  the next trip you make to Handmade Happiness may be a waste of a journey. It will have closed down and you will be really disappointed. Then you may wish that you had supported the shop by buying something there just be keep it open for you to enjoy 'just looking'...

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