Thursday, 28 February 2019

Art therapy

Energy by Jenny Stacy
Waterfall by Jenny Stacy
Colour play by Jenny Stacy

Did you know that painting gives you energy? I didn't.  I usually paint paper to tear it up again and use in collage cards. But this week I painted 'Colour Play' and found I didn't want to tear it up. I liked it as it was. And that same day I was on my feet all day, full of energy.

I decided to cover a piece of paper with paint every day. A painting a day. I get up early and have time to do a painting or write emails before getting ready for work. I highly recommend doing this and I guess that practice makes perfect - well not perfect but you know what I mean!

Are you a lark or an owl? My brain goes to sleep as darkness falls but I can achieve quite a lot first thing in the morning. Definitely a lark. But if you are an owl you could paint at night. Art therapy - in an ideal world everyone would have access to it. I heard on the radio that one forward thinking medical practice actually prescribes it. Making or painting and getting absorbed by what you are doing is so beneficial. I expect you know this already. Visitors to the shop say the trouble is finding time to be creative in their busy lives but they really want art in their day...

By the way the top painting I did today. The middle one was the day before yesterday and the bottom one was yesterday's effort. If I get any comments I'll be encouraged to show you further daily daubs. If not I'll share other things instead. Enjoy your day.

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