Friday, 28 September 2018

Making for Handmade Happiness

Suddenly Kate Box's wrist warmers sold out so she's just brought in more
Jenny Stacy (me) made 15 more dolls
Justine Jenner has brought in more of her popular mugs and jugs
A necklace celebrating the sunshine this week.
Cashmere bunnies sold out so I'm making more right now

This week people have started looking round for Christmas presents!
I know it's early and I have no Christmas stock out and won't have until mid-October. I deplore shops trying to sell Christmas cards in August and I hate seeing the Christmassy tins of biscuits and sweets that are in the shops right now. 

However I can see the sense in trying to spread the cost of Christmas by starting to look for presents now. And when buying one-off handmade items, if customers don't buy it when they see it chances are it won't be there when they come back to actually buy it!

An example of this is Kate Box's wonderful knitted wrist warmers. Last Christmas there was such a strong demand for them that Handmade Happiness kept selling out, disappointing customers who had seen them earlier. Right now there are plenty to choose from but if demand is as strong as last year there may not be such a lot to choose from nearer Christmas.

I am in making mode and, having agreed to have a stall at Blackmoor in October this year selling just my own things, the pressure is on to produce as much as I can.

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