Saturday, 22 September 2018

Happy 10th Birthday Blog!!

Ten years ago on September 22nd 2008 I started writing this blog. I wrote about my dream of having a shop. I also wrote in detail about making thousands of pounds worth of stock for the Country Living Magazine show in London which, in those days, I did regularly. I wrote about making for shops and tried to give some insight into the struggles of being a designer/maker.
I now write about the struggles and rewards of running that long-dreamed for shop.  I still make but not as much as I used to. My three children all now have children of their own and I love being a Granny. 
My readers are mostly in the USA which I am thrilled about but UK readers are a close second and occasionally, for no apparent reason I get a burst of interest from Russia!
I feel another change is coming. I want to re-vamp this blog but more about change next time.
Thank you to any reader who has followed this blog from the very tentative start ten years ago. You deserve a medal!


Unknown said...

Keep it going Jenny xx

jenny said...

Thank you 'Unknown' I will try X