Sunday, 5 March 2017

In the window today

Audrey has knitted chicks in baskets. Kate Hackett's daffodil mug below.
Love this jewellery by Annie Sherburne. 
Sue Inglis' chick and bunny
When I re-did the window this week I was thinking of Mothers' Day, Spring and Easter.
Audrey brought in the little Easter baskets with two chicks each containing a Lindt egg ie. egg inside each chick and another in the basket waiting to hatch! They sold out in one day! I've put two more in the window that I didn't have eggs for so just two left!

Sue Inglis is busy knitting Easter themed decorations and these will soon be hanging from some twisted willow branches. I've made some cashmere decorations that are also selling well even though Easter isn't until mid-April this year.
Today it has rained nearly non-stop but I really need to get out before the shops close. I hope you are enjoying your weekend in spite of the rain! 

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