Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Collage talk

Wedding invitation for a ballerina bride by Jenny Stacy
Same bride and another invitation by Jenny Stacy. I made them all different.
Love the colours in this one. This is the size we'll do our collages on Thursday. Postcard collage by Jenny Stacy
Card for Handmade Happiness by Jenny Stacy
Autumn card for Handmade Happiness by Jenny Stacy
A more abstract collage for Handmade Happiness by Jenny Stacy
Thursday night is collage night. I've got bits spread over the kitchen table. I've painted lots of sheets of paper and torn them up and I've selected pictures from magazines to use for sample collages. 

There are still places if you want to join us at Winton House 7.9pm on July 9th. Just swing by the shop to book or ring 01730 267711. Exceptionally the shop will be open today, Tuesday.

On Thursday night it's you who will be painting the papers, tearing up appealing pictures from magazines and embellishing your collages. I've bought loads of blank postcards which could be framed or posted to your nearest and dearest when you are happy with your collage on the front!

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