Sunday, 26 July 2015

Embroidery Inspiration

Nichola Gotel's embroidered skirt visiting Handmade Happiness yesterday
Embroidery with felt and leather discs by Nichola
Neil's patched jeans visiting Handmade Happiness yesterday
Jeans patched and embroidered by Carol Smith
I love it when people improve their clothes with a bit of embroidery! It gives things that designer look for very little extra cost and must be so satisfying to do.

Yesterday I was excited to see two examples of decorative embroidery visiting the shop, so inspiring for my workshop in August called Five Decorative Embroidery Stitches! 

The white skirt which Nichola Gotel made herself has lazy daisy (sometimes called chain) stitches on it interspersed with sewn on discs of felt or leather with tiny rocaille beads scattered throughout. She made it to wear at a wedding, the clever thing!

Carol Smith, who embroiders the nude and semi-nude brooches for Handmade Happiness is responsible for the patches on her husband's jeans. The close sewn running stitches are called Sashiko I think and are used to heavily patch clothes in the Japanese Boro tradition when nothing was wasted and fabric overlaid fabric to decorative and practical effect.

I saw a picture on Pinterest of a toddler wearing overalls (ie. dungarees without braces but just round neck all in one) made from a pair of adult jeans. These would look great with a couple of patches on them in child-friendly soft cotton. I can just see Juno being the coolest kid on the block wearing them!!

Today I made good progress on the fairy wing front and I now know how we're going to make those in the fairy workshop. This morning I've been going through my fabric to find fabrics suitable for fairies. Hard to believe how much glittery, sparkly stuff I've hoarded over the years! 


molebags said...

That skirt is so beautiful! (so are Neil's legs, obviously) And you have inspired me with our chat about boro stitching...

jenny said...

Hi Carol. I keep thinking about simple tote/book bags in denim or linen with added patches...