Thursday, 26 January 2012

To Move or Improve?

Blankets by Avoca. Photo taken at the shop Gorgeous in Chichester.

Now I'm working next door to an interior designer I am constantly being reminded of how beautiful a home can be! Tara has the most lush embroidered silks, soft velvets, wool throws and textured silk wallpapers. All of which send my imagination spinning into overdrive.

My home feels and looks rough around the edges. It needs time spending on it. Time to focus on making it better. Re-arranging the furniture, organising the storage areas, painting the inside of cupboards and puting up hooks and picture hooks. Generally using what I've got to best effect.

When I first moved in an estate agent knocked at my door. He'd just sold the house attached to mine. We talked about what sold houses - a subject that always interests me. His advice was to keep it simple. He said don't spend money on a new kitchen or a new bathroom chances are the next people won't like it and will rip it out anyway.
So maybe I've taken his advice a bit too literally.Six and a half years down the line I'm still living with the blue worktops in the kitchen which I dislike and the front door that I vowed to change immediately. I have ripped out the horrid pink carpets which makes the house look much better but there's still work to be done.

No I'm afraid I'm still a few years away from silk wallpaper...! My home needs time and energy - and that has to come from me.

What are your thoughts on 'To Move or Improve'? I'd love to hear about your experiences. Please try the comment thing. Some blogs get hundreds of comments. This one doesn't and that's ok. I can't comment on a friend's blog - the process is impossible for me to understand - if that's the case with this blog let me know and I'll change the settings.


jenny said...

I've changed the settings. Hoping this is a better format!

Fibre frenzi said...

I reckon I'm a bit of an expert on moving!!! We have always worked on the premise that it is better to have a blank canvas as background, and then interest can be added or changed as the mood takes, i.e. with furniture, textiles, flowers etc....I love your house anyway, and think it has so much character! x

Christine Burgess said...

I will give your comment box a try was a bit tricky before.

I am in exactly the same position Jen. House needs about 10 weeks work - garden, decorating, blitzing but I don't have the ££ or time to do much about it. Have you ever lived in a perfectly beautiful house? I haven't and if I moved again, the next house would become just like the 5 others, I know.

christine burgess said...

..............brilliant, easy to post a comment.

jenny said...

I'm so excited to receive all these comments! Thanks friends!
Just for the record Alison (fibrefrenzi) and Christine both have houses that inspire me!

Sarah said...

I love looking at your blog - espcially as you post everyday. Its great to be able to comment more easily.
I want to just move at the moment but really there is nothing wrong with my house that a bit of time and tlc couldn't improve