Monday, 17 April 2017

Birthday choices

The amazing ceiling at a Laduree cafe in Paris
Ornate embroidery at Alberta Ferreti in Paris
Luxury art fabrics seen in Paris
A view from The Hangers at Steep near Petersfield.

As it's my birthday I decided to choose pictures taken during the last year that I particularly like. 

Yesterday I walked up The Hangers for the first time. It's spectacular and I'll be doing it again soon. My son in law took this impressive picture. You can see for miles....

In the last year I went with a friend to Paris for a couple of nights. We walked our feet off and I took lots of pictures including the ones above that inspired me then and still inspire me now. I would love to go again, even if only for a few hours. It always amazes me how two capital cities that are so close geographically are so totally different from one another.  I love London and I love Paris and I've lived in both places but I find walking in Paris more exciting.


Brenda Tilbury said...

Happy Birthday Jenny 💕 I hope that you had a lovely day. And well done for climbing a big hill! Xxx

jenny said...

Thanks Brenda. I had a lovely day on Sunday and Monday with all three children and grandchildren.Very lucky! Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend too! X

molebags said...

glad you had a lovely birthday weekend ! xx

jenny said...

Thank you Carol.I hope you had a nice weekend too.X