Friday, 10 March 2017

Brenda makes for Handmade Happiness

Spring blossom in the Handmade Happiness window today
Perfect for a wedding. These heart wreaths are made by Brenda Tilbury
Close up of beautiful dried roses and gold heart made by Brenda Tilbury.

Handmade Happiness is grateful to Brenda Tilbury, also known as Queen of Wreaths. She makes the giant hearts and stars that you see hanging from the flagpole outside the shop. 

Tomorrow, weather permitting, she'll be attaching a twig garland that looks a bit like a spinning Catherine wheel to the flag pole.It looks great and will certainly attract the attention of passing car drivers and pedestrians.

Brenda also makes popular gold leaf and dried flower cards as well as all sizes of wreath displayed in the shop. The gold sparkle Congratulations banners are also available, priced £9 each.

Seen in the top picture is a branch that Brenda has covered with handmade felt blossoms. They look so realistic and will remind everyone that Spring is coming soon!

Ps. Audrey, who knits the popular Easter baskets with two chicks and three chocolate eggs in,(see post below) dropped by today with fresh makes. They will be for sale from tomorrow, Saturday.

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molebags said...

Brenda's wreaths look fabulous! Hoping to come and see you both on Thursday this week x