Saturday, 25 March 2017

Ideas for Mothers Day

In the window today. Jugs and mugs by Justine Jenner; hearts by Kate Hackett and wrist warmers by Kate Box.
Also in the window today:
Bear by Lindsey Agostinelli, gift boxes and knitted bunny and cat by Sue Inglis; pottery by Samantha Robertson, dog brooches by Karen Boller, lavender bags by Brenda Tilbury and beeswax candles by Elizabeth Eveleigh.

Tomorrow is Mothers' Day in the UK and Dads and children are looking for a little gift to show their appreciation! 

From a knitted chick with a Lindt egg inside for £1.50, a ceramic painted heart for £3, candles at £4.50, a cashmere bunny for £4.50, brooches from £6, sparkly earrings at around £20 or a nice mug for £16 through to a painting or a big gold heart to say We love You. I think Handmade Happiness offers a great choice of gifts. There are also dozens of lovely cards to choose from. And everything is beautifully handmade and can't be found in the High Street. (I'd like Handmade Happiness to be found in the High Street but the rents are too high!)

Choosing to have a baby means a massive change in a woman's life. Women who have children are heroic in many ways and deserve all our praise and support and love. Mums are under-appreciated in this country, and  I've always thought that the state should pay women to stay at home to look after children, after all it is a full-time job. (You can tell that this is a subject I could keep talking at length about...!)

The sun is shining and I wish you all a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mothers' Day!


Brenda Tilbury said...

And a happy Mothers Day to you to Jenny! Xxx

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Great idea for mother day..i will use these ideas on mother day for my mother..thanks for this lovely share..

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Thanks for this lovely share...

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We can celebrate mother's day any day..