Thursday, 30 July 2015

Crochet tonight!

Crochet by Michelle Green
 It's the crochet workshop tonight when anyone can learn the basic crochet stitches.

It may take a bit of practice before we can produce something like the wonderfully colourful examples pictured above but I've put Michelle's work on the blog for inspiration!

Tricot Too used to stock a crochet squares coat by Odd Molly. It cost hundreds of pounds but it was my inspiration to try to crochet. I won't ever give enough time to make a coat out of my 'Granny squares' but a bag is achievable...!

Next Thursday is the Make a Fairy workshop which I'm really excited about. Yesterday I was making fairies in the shop and refining ways to get everything made within our two hour workshop time slot. It is possible. I can visualise lots of fairies suspended in the window at Handmade Happiness. 

This time I must remember to photograph peoples' work at the end of each session. My big regret from the first three workshops is that I forgot to take photographs. Please can someone remind me!

Yesterday a friend told me about 'Buy a Card Week.' Apparently if everyone who visited a little individual shop like mine bought a card they would be contributing to keeping it open.
Lots of people are kind to compliment Handmade Happiness but they aren't necessarily aware that whether or not they buy anything the rent still has to be paid and if everyone just says 'What a nice shop' but doesn't think to buy anything then maybe the next time they visit the shop will have gone.

I hope to keep the shop going until I drop unconscious over my desk but... just in case you were wondering, most of the cards in Handmade Happiness are £2-50 - ie less than the price of most supermarket or High Street cards! And they show the work of local artists.

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