Monday, 13 July 2015

Making bunting

Lots of bunting for baby's room made by Jenny Stacy
Big flags each with a pom pom at the tip. Bunting by Jenny Stacy
 I've just made a long line of super-size bunting for my grandaughter's nursery. I had been saving the different fabrics over the years and it was fun to put them all together. 

I like double-sided bunting. Usually I put different fabric on each side. Sew them up on both sides, inside out and then turn right side facing and stitch cotton tape over the top edge to hide the raw edges. Easy but surprisingly time-consuming!

The painting and collage workshop last week was very successful I am happy to say. Everyone got lost in the creativity of painting papers and glueing down their choice bits to make their pictures from. Just wish I'd thought to take a photograph of the finished pieces. 
We may well repeat the collage workshop later in the year.

Meanwhile there is the crochet workshop on Thursday July 30th and in August I'm planning to hold: Make a Bracelet; Make a fairy doll; Make a brooch and Applique a picture. Maybe I'll meet you there?!

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