Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Lit up London

Little Lowry-like silhouettes in a light box that is actually a clothes store
The Saatchi Gallery and giant Christmas tree
Cascading triangles at Peter Jones. These would be easy to make
Joyful penguins in the Peter Jones' windows.
On Monday I met daughter Amy and little baby for a spot of Christmas shopping. Gone are the days when we used to jump on tubes and cross London taking in as many shops as we could in one day. It is far too tempting to chat over a coffee and play with baby. A teeny bit of shopping got done. And a good look round Peter Jones, M&S and Zara. Amy left early to avoid rush hour. I stayed on and enjoyed looking at Jacadi's chic but expensive baby clothes and just walking admiring all the lights. It's London, it's Christmas and it's inspiring!

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