Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Kate Hackett's ceramic decorations

Kate Hackett's ceramic robin, pudding and angel
Pictured are Kate's popular decorations for tree or to tie on a present. £3 each in Handmade Happiness.

Today I will take photographs of all the new handmade things I haven't shared with you yet. I am conscious that there is quite a lot that hasn't yet appeared on the blog. So bear with  me while I catch up.

My weekend is very scheduled. On Sundays I see my mother and on Mondays I see my adorable 4 month old grandaughter. 

Yesterday it was lovely that my son Tim was able to spend the day with us. We walked in the park and ate lunch at Jade, a French cafe I'd recommend to anyone. A proper day off.

Daughter Amy has to return to work in March. And I'm working out how I can juggle the shop with baby sitting. The answer may be to close for an extra day after Christmas. At present the shop opens Tuesdays to Saturdays and I'm aware that similar specialist shops are only open for four or even just three days a week.

 On the other hand I would hate to think of someone travelling to see the shop only to find it closed. That would be totally unacceptable.

 So if I do close for an extra day that day would be Tuesday and the new hours would anyway not start til after Christmas. 
For now until Christmas it's business as usual 10-5 Tuesday to Saturday.

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