Saturday, 15 November 2014

Selling at a country house

Handmade Happiness on a table and (not pictured) a coffee table where Christmas decorations were on a tree
Karen Boller's dog, cat and bird brooches
Handmade Happiness carrier bags with my dolls in the window
The house owner's fabulous cushion made out of one of her old jumpers.
 Yesterday a friend looked after the shop while I sold at a country house 'Christmas shopping event.' 
When I first started making things I was invited to peoples' houses for charity coffee mornings. I would sell my makes and give a percentage of takings to the charity. They generally lasted for two hours and were better for me than any craft fair. 

I soon learned there was something called the Charities List which you could apply to be on and would then be sent a list of events you could ask to have a stall at. I never actually applied as I got swallowed up into making for shops and the twice yearly Country Living magazine shows in London.

Now the shop is the selling focus and it's far easier to praise other peoples' work than to big up my own!! 
By the way I really like this cushion. Although picture knitwear isn't exactly on trend any more, doesn't it look good as a cushion? An old fairisle jumper made into a cushion would also be very saleable... 

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