Thursday, 13 November 2014

In Handmade Happiness now

Tree decorations by Pam Dew
Collaged wood angel decorations by Jenny Stacy
Spec or phone pockets by Bee Mellor
Just a few of the unique-to-Handmade Happiness things you can buy in the shop now.

In the shop I am serving customers and making carrier bags. I would like to be making new products but just at the moment the demand for bags - those ones I make from magazine covers or Vogue pages is high. Little items or single purchases go into the little bags made of one magazine page. But when someone buys several things I like to put them into a magazine carrier bag and so I need to replace them regularly. 

I'm day dreaming that after Christmas when I have my worktable in the shop customers might like to join me in making. Firstly their own projects or something we make together but sometimes we could just make a good stock of carrier bags!

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