Friday, 25 January 2013

A Favourite Bag

Bag with flower knitted by Jenny Stacy
I sold this a while back. I remember how pleased I was with the way the lining went in. Not as difficult as I thought it would be. It's a one off and I sold it at the Country Living magazine show.
I'm making a couple of big dolls at the moment for an order. They've got to be poseable so I'm wrapping pipe cleaners with stuffing and puting them inside. (Don't worry they're for adults not children). I wonder if you  know a trick to make it easy to stuff thin arms and legs, I always struggle.
If you love inspiring craft magazines did I mention that the shop now has lots of back issues of Crafts, Embroidery and Fiberarts for sale. From £1 each.


lindsey said...

When stuffing my smaller bears I use the wooden kebab sticks, they are pretty good, because you have the pointy end or the squarer end, depending on the width of the article you are stuffing.

jenny said...

Thanks Lindsey. I occasionally used those kebab sticks with Fimo so I know I've got some somewhere.I can see that they would work.x

lindsey said...

Hi Jenny, another suggestion about stuffing thin arms & legs, is a chop stick. Got this one from Jolly Dolly's on facebook.