Friday, 18 January 2013

Wednesday Knitting Workshops

A sample of 'free knitting' by me which one day could grow into a throw!
 Next Wednesday, January 23rd I'm holding a Beginners Knitting Class from 2 to 4pm at the shop. It costs £10 for the session which includes refreshments and if you want to join us ring me or email me (see right hand column) or call in to the shop.

This follows last Wednesday's Free Knitting workshop for experienced knitters when we sorted the world out over knitting and tea and biscuits.

I would like to open the shop on Tuesday nights for a free drop in and bring your own project (embroidery/ knitting/crochet/ hand sewing/ whatever) to work on session from 7 to 9pm but need to know there's a demand for this ... let me know.

Yesterday the man on the check out at Waitrose told me we would have four and a half inches of snow at 9am this morning here in Petersfield.  I wonder if he's right?
Keep warm and drive carefully won't you?

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