Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I like painting the faces best

Doll by Jenny Stacy
Doll by Jenny Stacy
Doll by Jenny Stacy
Is there a law that says everything will take far longer than you think it will?

 Painting doll faces is quick; dressing the dolls is slow. Usually I knit them a dress then crochet them some socks. That's it. This time I decided to use Liberty prints to make them clothes and because I have no confidence that this will turn out ok I'm dithering and not making a good job of it.

  I tried making trousers. They just don't suit these dolls. So back to a dress with a gathered skirt and little jersey or cardi over the top. Hopefully I'll actually finish the clothes today but I won't count on it!


Anonymous said...

beautiful,beautiful dolls - I love them!

jenny said...

Thank you Hazel! Hope you and the family are all well.xxx