Sunday, 20 January 2013

Making Bookmarks

Bookmarks by Jenny Stacy
A dozen bookmarks by Jenny Stacy
 A customer asked for bookmarks so while the snow outside kept people from coming inside to Handmade Happiness I enjoyed making these.

I used some flat suedette. The vegetarian answer to suede this won't break as real suede/leather can be prone to do. I used bits and pieces I've collected and put pieces on each end, each bookmark different.  They are £5 each.

Have you been affected by the snow? Yesterday I stayed all day in the shop but I only had five visitors. 

My daughter was one of the thousands of teachers whose school was closed on Friday. 
I wish we could get organised so that snow is something we expect and are prepared for and then it would not be a fearful experience for us.
I'm driving to my mother's today and I must admit I'm nervous about the little country roads near where she lives. Wish me luck!

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