Saturday, 19 January 2013

Stock up on cards!

Cards by Willemien Stevens
More cards by Willemien Stevens

Handmade Happiness has fresh supplies of my favourite cards by Willemien. 
I may have mentioned  before that when I did the Country Living magazine shows in London my stand was often near Willemien's and I used to say to her: 'One day, if I ever have a shop please may I stock your cards?'
Willemien sews applique pictures which she puts in white painted frames and her stand at Country Living was one of my favourites. All white with all the colour coming from her pictures and cards plus a tastefully selected little antique babies' dress or two and ancient quilt. So inspiring!
I love the cards and right now in Handmade Happiness there is a bigger selection of them to choose from than ever! 

Did you get into work yesterday in the snow? I opened Handmade Happiness until 2.20pm when I gave up waiting for a customer and went home! Apart from children pulling sledges and intrepid dog walkers there were few people about.
I intend being in Handmade Happiness all day today. It's Saturday! I'll let you know tomorrow how many visitors I get!

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