Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year and a Clean Start

A present from my son and his girlfriend
How luxurious to now have these next to the sink!
Aren't we lucky that every year we have the chance to start all over again?! I guess it's having been to a convent school that makes me find the idea of being forgiven for sins and then starting afresh so appealing.
Have you made any New Year's  Resolutions yet? 

My big one this year is to give up SUGAR. I don't mean to just stop eating sugar but to stop eating all the things that contain sugar. Many years ago there was a book out called 'Pure, white and deadly'; I wouldn't go that far but I think giving it up is A Good Thing.
I mentioned previously that another resolution is to stop procrastinating. Let's do it today not tomorrow.
Lastly and this is a big one: Don't get old before you die!  You know what I mean.      


Fibre frenzi said...

Happy Near. Love reading your blog! I've now started mine again.....

jenny said...

Happy New Year to you Alison. Hope you can get over to the shop soon now you've moved nearer.x