Saturday, 29 September 2012

Achieve a small thing every day

That's what I wrote in one of my design books.
If we achieve a small thing every day we are one step nearer our goal. Tiny steps forward.  Rather than beating ourselves up about not doing all we want to do/feel we have to do in one day we need to be kind to ourselves. By achieving just one small thing every day we are reaching our goal faster than if we gave up and achieved nothing because it felt too hard.

So yesterday I re-did the noticeboards. A small step forward.

Some of these pictures have been on the blog before and are attributed there. 
The blue purse is by Hannah Lamb, tiny embroideries are by my friend Bee Mellor, card below by Jane Owens. One or two from Pinterest (link on right of blog).Colourful woman card is by Madeline Millington.

I'd achieve more if I didn't like talking with customers so much! One lady was telling me about her talented friend. She is given scraps of 16th century tapestry and with the help of diligent research repairs and re-makes them into whole pictures again. This is for a company that sells in America. I am fascinated.

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